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Team Gym
A Personal Fit at 1300 N Mullan Rd Spokane, WA is our teams home gym. (509) 868-0895. 
Team members are eligible for a monthly membership of $28 (tax included).
When the team wins team awards at competitions, the team awards will be displayed at our Home gym.
Team Expectations

Team Expectations: These expectations are meant to inspire us to work as a great team!


1. Team Support: We want to exemplify the “spirit of a Team”. It is agreed that we will stick together as a team in the warm-up area during competitions so we can help each other. We should try to help support each other even if we are not competing.


2. Volunteering: We encourage all members to volunteer in a minimum of two powerlifting events a year. This can be done in any capacity. USAPL in Washington is in crisis when it comes to a lack of volunteers. We are very fortunate to have the chairman for USAPL WA on our team – Danna Snow. Our meets can’t be run with-out volunteer spotters, loaders etc. The are opportunities to help with judging, scoring and mentoring as well. Please consider family members and friends as well – you do not have to be a competitor to help!


3. Professionalism and Sportsmanship: We want to exemplify good sportsmanship and be an example for all women! We are committed to USAPL and a drug free sport!


4. Solicitation as a Trainer: This team was started by our coach Isabelle Iliev and therefore she is identified as our Team Coach! All members have the right to train with the trainer or coach of their choice outside of the Iron Maidens. Many of our members are coaches and trainers and are allowed to train other members as long as they are not soliciting members from the team coach. We encourage members to train together! We have members that are scattered throughout the city and state and multiple gyms.


5. Registration Fee: We are asking for an annual fee of 20$ per year for those that are competing. We have honorary members do not plan on competing and you do not have to compete to join (and get a cool team T-shirt)! These funds will be used to cover our annual team fee with USAPL. We are also hoping to sponsor events for fund raisers! (all ideas are welcome)

a. Competition Team Fees – this fee is what we submit each time we compete as a team. This is a separate fee from our individual fees we pay for ourselves when we want to compete. We will divide it amongst those that are competing for that event! This usually only amounts to 5-10$.

b. We are displaying our team trophies at the team gym on our brag wall.

2019 Competitions

Jan 19 USA Powerlifting "Rookie" Competition

Feb 16&17 USA Powerlifting Washington State Championship

April 13 USA Powerlifting Empire Classic

May USA Powerlifting Washington Ladies of Iron

June 29 USA Powerlifting Team Challenge

July 27&28 USA Powerlifting Northwest Regionals

For info on all events visit www.usaplwa.com


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